Emily Weiss On Mastering Digital Media

Emily Weiss is the visionary mogul behind Glossier*, a beauty brand that's on fire - and considered ridiculously cool. Glossier is almost entirely digitally based; their only store is in NYC, most of their sales come from their site, and nearly all their marketing is done by an enormous social media-based community. I curated the best of Emily's advice on creating a brand that digitally comes to life.

01 / Attract Consumers By Visuals
From a Buzzfeed interview: "Really with building a website, you need to code or you need to have somebody that's able to code. You also need to have somebody who can do graphics. You need to have good graphic design. I think the execution is just as important as the content. If you have a fantastic story but you have shitty visuals — sometimes people are just looking at the picture, that's what sucks them into the story."

02 / Create A Brand World
In a panel with TechCrunch, Emily emphasized the "multiple touch-points with the Glossier brand" on a daily basis. "You're interacting with the G logo multiple times a day," she said, from Instagram to special Instagram Stories (like daily Glossier phone wallpaper) to emails to the actual products. "The Glossier girl never forgets about Glossier because the brand is always there in one form or another," she added.

03 / Incentivize the Craze
When Glossier creates a hype around a new product launch (every two to three months), Glossier's community gets hyped too. In particular, they post. Those who post the most, and attract the most new customers for Glossier, get the perk of becoming Glossier ambassadors. The ambassadors who sell the most are invited to a private Slack channel. Glossier users already want to talk to each other and hear from each other. Glossier just facilitates it. 

I love Emily because she is one of the most put-together and confident bosses I've ever gotten to see (even if only on video). I also really admire how she leveraged digital publication to create a mecca of like-minded women.

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